Lone-StarS ® - Electronic reporting made easy!
Lone-StarS ®, is a user friendly tool that is used in air emission inventory data
management and reporting. It is a windows based program that takes advantage of
a relational database. It can be used in storing and maintaining air emission data.
It has reporting features which eliminates manual log and report creation. It also
lets creation of an electronic extract file for reporting to

here to download the latest version of Lone-StarS. Demo version does not
have full functionality and is intended to provide a feeling for how the tool works. To
purchase a license key for full functionality, please
contact us. You can check out
the user guide and learn about the program.
You can download the user guide by
clicking here (you need to have PDF viewer).
New Version of Lone-StarS ® Is ready for 2017
See what's new in version for 2012. Click here to see last year's
modifications. This version includes Patch for delta file import not
CIN efficiencies.
Existing users follow the below instructions!
1) Uninstall current version from Window's Control Panel - Add Remove program.
This should not remove your current database, but to be safe, make a backup of
your current database file (C:\LoneStars\Database\LoneSTARS.MDB)
2) Install the new version using the MSI file that you downloaded above.
3) If you are working with multiple database files (typically Enterprise version users),
to be able to upgrade each database, you need to copy the
C:\LoneStars\Document\update.sql file to C:\LoneStars\ folder and launch the
application while connected to the database you want upgraded ( the software will
use this file to upgrade the database and then delete it once upgrade is done).
Advantages of Using Lone-StarS ®
Replaces manual updating and reporting method with easy-to-use
electronic method.
Eliminates the need to fill out paper forms to add new FINs, CINs, or EPNs.
Includes look-up tables for easy search and entry of contaminant codes,
abatement codes, SCC codes, and SIC codes.
Stores historical and current data electronically in one convenient location.
Uploads emissions from Excel files using Lone-StarS template.
Exports electronic "Delta File" for submittal to TCEQ.
Prints out reports of EI data in concise format (about half the size of TCEQ's
paper print outs)
Basic Features of Lone-StarS ®
Lone-StarS ® is designed to work with a relational database. The software comes
with the database ready to use. All the lookup codes (e.g. characteristic codes,
units, valid values, etc.) are already loaded in the database. The software utilizes
these codes to make the data entry process easy.

Lone-StarS ® can integrate with Microsoft Excel ® to make data transfer fast and
easy. If you use the Excel template that comes with it, you will easily be able to
transfer emission data into Lone-StarS. You can also export emission data in
Lone-StarS to an Excel file, manipulate the data in Excel, and import back in.

Lone-StarS comes with built in backup/restore functionality so that you will be able
to back your database files and restore them in case of a disaster.

here for End User License Agreement (EULA).
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